Super simple file server?

What is a simple tool/command for starting a file server fast?

Say I'm just trying to serve a few files in my local directory over HTTP, or I wanna serve a simple HTML file?

How would I do that easily

posted Mar 22, 2021

Check out Platter.

It's a simple program written in Go that let's you serve your current directory (or one you specify) over HTTP, fast.

If you have $GOPATH/bin in your $PATH just run:

go get

and then


to serve your current working directory over HTTP.

posted Mar 24, 2021

I've used that app a couple of times and it worked well for me.

In my case I just needed a utility to serve some HTML files over my local network. This turned out to be a perfect fit and I didn't even have to configure anything.

posted Mar 24, 2021
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